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Think. Discuss. Act. Abortion

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Talking To Youth About Abortion

Young people need to become aware of the consequences of sexual activity and the gravity of their sexual decisions.


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This discussion attempts to provide a final chapter to the meeting on dating and sex and, as such, should not be used without some form of group preparation. Students must learn to be aware of the possible consequences of sexual activity and the potential choice awaiting them. While many students may quickly jump on one side of the issue or the other, they must learn to appreciate the gravity of their decision.

Leader Preparation

  • Find some current abortion statistics for your area or state. If you were someone needing an abortion, where would you go? Talk to a school administrator. Is high school pregnancy an issue in your community? Find out.
  • Prepare and review current video selections. Use sensitivity and discretion; some anti-abortion material available is extremely graphic and might produce volatile reactions from viewers. Kids need to remain objective without getting “grossed out” by the film.
  • Contact someone at a family planning center to obtain information or find personnel who would be willing to be interviewed.
  • Plan the group-building, presentation, and discussion. Prepare wrap-up talk or conclusion.
  • Check equipment for use.
  • Get baby pictures from kids (use as a group building exercise).

Group Building

  • Have the group sing several songs to help “break the ice.”
  • Show baby pictures of group members one at a time and have the group guess the identity of each.

Group Presentation and Discussion

Show the videotape of edited segments. For this presentation, portions of the following were used: “Abortion,” a report conducted by Geraldo Riviera on “20/20”; a local discussion-format show which featuring women who had abortions and women who had decided against abortion; the movie, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”; and the movie, “All the Right Moves.”

  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High-Stacey confronts Mike with the fact that she is pregnant. They decide that she should get an abortion. Their attitude is that “it’s no big deal.” How did you feel about this? Did this scene seem realistic? How? What is Stacey concerned about most? What is Mike concerned about most?
  • All the Right Moves-Brian tells Stef he is not going to college because his girlfriend is pregnant. What makes this decision hard for Brian? Would you have decided the same thing? Why or why not?
  • Local interviews:¬†How can you empathize with each situation? What was the bottom line for each person at the time? What was most important issue for each?
  • “Abortion” (“20/20”)-At the end of this portion Geraldo Riviera holds a glass bottle with a fetus inside. What is your reaction to this?

Further Group Discussion

  • When is a person a person?
  • How would your family react if they knew you had had an abortion (girls)? If they knew your girlfriend had an abortion (guys)?
  • Is there anything frightening about abortion?
  • Is there anything good about abortion?
  • Are there situations when abortion should be allowed? Why?
  • What is your “gut” feeling about abortion?
  • Create some fictitious characters faced with pregnancy. What advice would you give them?


  • Very few abortions are performed for health reasons.
  • Having an abortion or placing a child for adoption both cause a lot of psychological stress; therefore, responsible attitudes toward sex are important.
  • Young people must take responsibility for what they do. Pregnancy is a situation where parents cannot bail out their children. Any sexual experimentation makes pregnancy a potential.
  • Abstinence from “heavy sex” and intercourse is an option to prevent pregnancy.
  • For those who disagree with this, contraceptive devices are available at any drug store. However, using contraceptives does not eliminate the possibility of pregnancy.
  • Any relationship dependent solely upon the sex act is not healthy.
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