About CYS

Culture and Youth Studies (CYS), formerly Center for Youth Studies, seeks to equip youth workers of all types with relevant and reliable information on today’s culture and youth.  We hope ministry professionals and volunteers will find in CYS a comprehensive resource for youth work and community development that is relevant and geared for grass roots application.

CYS also desires to promote collaboration within the various social systems embedded within the culture, such as schools, families, churches, media, and government programs.  We believe holistic ministry with youth, children, and families demands a broad partnership of social systems, organizations and leaders within the culture.

CYS offers a place where all who care about youth, families, and communities can go for free resources and information tailored to their vocational and practical needs. We do not promote any one organization but instead hope to offer an accessible network of the organizational and written resources already available.  Although CYS intends to offer resources for everyone’s needs, our articles and topics tend to focus especially on providing resources for urban and rural workers around the world who serve ethnic minorities and lower socioeconomic classes.  Moreover, while we are grounded in the Judeo-Christian faith, we welcome people from all religious and agnostic perspectives.

CYS appreciates all the benefits of culture and the possibilities within it for human growth and community. We also see divisions within culture.  These divisions, both secular and religious, polarize societies and foster wars and conflicts of all sorts, both physical and intellectual. CYS attempts to bridge gaps and to help undo social and spiritual divide. We are dedicated to discussion of different points of view and complex issues—discussion leading to collaborative action for the common good.


Our mission is to provide relevant informational resources and promote global collaboration towards a comprehensive systems approach to service and ministry with youth, families and communities.

Vision and Goals

CYS has built its CYS Infopedia and various other resources progressively over many decades. We hope to provide both current and archived information to further understanding of complex issues. We envision the CYS website as a “first-aid” for practitioners and parents facing crucial problems of youth and others. We are also a first step in study or research for students and professors, as well as a clearing house for all who serve youth and their communities.

In an age of hyper-connected, yet dis-connected individualism, we envision being an interactive partner with educational institutions, programs, and ministries of all kinds, both locally and around the world.  We seek to encourage the faithful, and all of good will, to collaborate together for local and global community.