We are thankful for your prayer and financial support.  Our work would not be possible without both of these.

Culture and Youth Studies is a program of Emmanuel Gospel Center, a registered non-profit organization in Boston, MA.  All donations to support CYS are tax deductible to the full extent provided by law and can be made several ways:

  1. Give a secure donation online by going to and scroll down to the sections for one-time and recurring donations.  On the pull-down menus in these sections, Culture and Youth Studies is listed under “EGC Programs.”
  2. Send a check.  Please make the check payable to Emmanuel Gospel Center and write “CYS” on the memo line.  Please mail your check to:
    Emmanuel Gospel Center
    P.O. Box 180245
    Boston, MA  02118
  3. Give recurring gifts by electronic funds transfer (EFT).  To set this up, please call Emmanuel Gospel Center at 617-262-4567 and ask for Charlotte Schulz.