“As an inner-city youth worker, it is very difficult to find resources that relate directly to at-risk, troubled and minority youth. The Encyclopedia of Youth Studies offered me more relevant information the first time I sat down to look through it than any other resource on the Internet. I have spent hours searching other sites for information with no real success. Using the Encyclopedia of Youth Studies, I have been able to print out a lot of useful information quickly. I will certainly go back for more.” 

Aprilis Diaz-Hernandez
Urban Church Network Coordinator, Boston, Straight Ahead Ministries (working with young felons)
Youth Pastor, Dorchester Temple Baptist Church

“[CYS] is JAMPACKED with solid, sensible information. This is a vital resource for a wide variety of youth workers. I referred to it for a personal reason…our 18-year-old son came home with a pierced eyebrow. I was amazed that this encyclopedia had lots of information about piercing, including articles and suggestions for parents.”

Judy Donohue
Volunteer for Straight Ahead Ministries

“Over the twenty years on InterVarsity staff in Canada, one of the questions I hear the most from colleagues, teachers, parents, and youth workers is, ‘Where are the good resources to help me understand my children, my students, and my youth group?’ …I have been recommending the Encyclopedia of Youth Studies to my staff and trainees…I highly recommend the thoughtful and extensive Encyclopedia of Youth Studies.” 

Al McKay
Director of Urban Coalition, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Canada