How to Use This Site

We live in a world with information at our fingertips.  The internet offers quick and easy access to information with a simple Google search on any computer or smartphone.  This can be valuable.

But we believe this quest for information often becomes disjointed, in which we flit from one headline or image to another.  Although it may meet a quick need, we do not believe this leads to a comprehensive knowledge.

We invite you to take a different approach.


Take some time to dive deep into a topic.  Look at the different perspectives and aspects of an issue.  Start with an Overview, then read our summaries of articles, books, and research.  We aren’t going to give you a simple answer—because we believe there is value in investing time to study and think for yourself.


Reflect on and discuss the questions included with our articles.  Use them with a small group or with your fellow youth workers.  Talk to the people around you about the issue and get their input.


Put hands and feet on what you’ve discovered.  Apply the Implications within the topic discussion to your situation.  Implement one of the action suggestions with your youth or colleagues.


Our site is comprised of five key elements: the Infopedia, Resource Centers, Global Youth News, Stats, and Religions.  For a brief explanation of each of these, click here or simply explore the site.