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Ugandan Youth Statistics

Ketcham, J. (2001). Ugandan Youth Statistics. S. Hamilton, MA: Center for Youth Studies.

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  • Population: 23,985,712 (Ranked 42nd in the world by the US Census Bureau).
  • Population density: 256 people per square mile.
  • Children 0-14: 17.3 %-8,437,835.
  • Teenage 10-19: 15%-7,308,682.
  • Youth between 15-24: 15%-7,310,386.
  • Seniors Over 70: 9.9%-4,804,098.
  • Male to female ratio: 100.2 males per 100 females.
  • Birth rate: 48.04 per 1,000 people.
  • Life expectancy at birth: 42.59 for males and 44.49 for females.


Primary Beginning age: 6 Duration: 7 years
Secondary Beginning age: 13 Duration: 6 years

The Ministry of Education and Sport is responsible for the administration of education in Uganda. According to the latest figures, there were 10,000 primary schools in Uganda (with an enrollment of 2.9 million students), and there were 35,000 tertiary students (the latest figures for secondary show 145,000 students).


Illiteracy is a major problem in Uganda. Estimates place the adult literacy rate at about 65-70 percent (the female literacy rate is closer to 50 percent).


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