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Sierra Leone Resources


African Studies Center – University of Pennsylvania – School of Arts & Sciences, 255 South 36th Street, 647 Williams Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305. Tel: (215) 898-6971; Fax (215) 573-7379; E-mail: [email protected]. Recognized as a vital and forward-looking center where researchers, students and cultural and business entities come to gain knowledge of contemporary and historical Africa, the Center coordinates a wide range of course offerings in anthropology, demography, economics, history, language, literature, politics, religion, and sociology.

British Council Sierra Leone – The UK’s leading international organisation for educational and cultural relations.

Friends of Sierra Leone (FoSL) – Strives to educate Americans and those in other countries about Sierra Leone’s peoples, cultures and history and advocate for legislation favorable to Sierra Leone’s interests. The FoSL also supports small-scale development and relief projects in Sierra Leone.

International Education and Resource Network of Sierra Leone – “iEARN Sierra Leone serves and rehabilitates youths who have suffered from war and war’s effects. To accomplish this, we have a two-fold mission: to directly rehabilitate Sierra Leonean youths through education and exchanges, and to promote peace education in schools, both in Sierra Leone and all over the world.”

Search for Common Ground – Sierra Leone – A listing of programs, many for youth, that are being implemented by SFCG to reintegrate Sierra Leonean refugees back into their war torn communities.

Sierra Leone Citizens Rights Association – “(SLCRA) is a coalition of 21 Civil Society Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Youths Groups, Child Protection Agencies, Women Groups, Business Organizations, Professional Organizations, Farmers Organizations, and Human Rights Organizations founded in 2000. The idea is to liberate the sufferings of abused and violated victims of human rights especially young women, girls and children. “

Sierra Leone Web – News and information about Sierra Leone.

Statistics Sierra Leone – The mission of the Statistics Sierra Leone is to coordinate, collect, compile, analyze and disseminate high quality and objective official statistics to assist informed decision-making, and discussion within the government, business and the media, as well as the wider national and international community. 

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency – The World FactBook

World Congress of Youth in Sierra Leone – Their goal is to “strengthen the educational, cultural, environmental, political and social conditions of youth and to be the spirit of the international youth movement.”


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