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Review: The Judeo Christian Case Against Human Cloning

Post, S. (1997, June). The Judeo-Christian case against human cloning. America, pp. 19-22.


The Center for Youth Studies is pleased to have the following article review offered by a high school student. We believe that insight from young people themselves is important for today’s youth workers.

Although human cloning does not seem like an issue that is important to youth, it is a major issue that will affect the nation’s teens in their adult years; thus, it is worthy of discussion.

Stephen Post presented some cases against human cloning:

  • Cloning would make males’ reproductivity obsolete, because cloning only requires human eggs, nuclei, and uteri-all of which can be provided by women.
  • With cloning, there would be no newness in life, which would eliminate the joy of unique newborns.
  • With cloning would come major risks. Consider the fact that Dolly, the famous ewe, was only one success out of 277 attempts.
  • There must be respect for Nature and God. As the Jewish bioethicist Fred Rosner said, cloning goes as far as violating the structure of nature that can be considered ‘encroaching on the Creator’s domain.’

However, human cloning may still be necessary: if environmental toxins or pathogens ever result in massive human infertility, human cloning might be imperative for species survival.

Public reaction has been negative towards human cloning and should continue to be in order to preserve the unique life.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

  1. Have you ever thought that human cloning could affect teenagers?
  2. If you were close to death, would you give your genes to be cloned in order to have someone continue to live your life?


  1. Even though cloning a human would be a great scientific leap, would you want to give up your chance to create a new life?
  2. The technology exists for cloning, so youth groups and leaders should be prepared to discuss the issue and its effects.

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