Inside the CYS Infopedia

Our Infopedia features several types of articles and resources.  Some are designed to provide you with information on the topics.  Others are designed to provide models for you to use with the youth or co-workers in your situation.  Below you will find a brief description of each format.  But, as always, the best way is to take a look for yourself…


Topic Overviews: An encyclopedic article introducing a topic by providing definitions, key information and statistics, and a brief summary of the topic at hand.

Statistics: A listing of relevant statistics on a topic, to supplement the information in the Stats pages.

Article Reviews: A reorganized summary of the essence of important and current articles written on a topic.  This may also include articles written specifically for CYS.

Book Reviews: A reorganized summary of a worthwhile book on a topic.  A book worthy of a CYS review should be one of a half dozen most worthwhile on a topic.

Research Reviews:  Quick yet comprehensive presentations of critical research on a topic in an easily understood format.


Resources:  A bibliography of relevant books, articles and research on the topic; organizations that are working in the field of the topic; and websites geared specifically for the topic.


Methods of Discussion: Outlines, ready-to-use, about how a topic might be explored in a classroom or youth group.

Methods of Intervention: Explain how one might help someone with a particular problem as discussed within a topic.

Models of Programs: Describe programs developed to deal with a topic or problem.

Case Studies:  Allow young people or their leaders to put themselves into a real-life situation to facilitate better learning and observation on a topic, followed by reflective analysis. 

 We greatly value your input.  If, as you read through the CYS Infopedia, you have any suggestions for additional topics or articles, or if you would like to contribute your own experience or expertise, please contact us at [email protected].