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Review: School Scenes From Real Life

Faber, M. School scenes from real life. NEA Today, 12 (8), 6.


A theater class in Jeffersonville (Indiana) High School had a discussion about the many different ethnic backgrounds of students enrolled in the class. After many long talks, eventually, the class decided to create a script reflecting their discussions, called, “School Colors.” The numerous short scenes were powerful. In one, a black girl ends a friendship with a white girl because the white girl was called a “nigger lover.” Also depicted were biracial kids feeling pressure from both races to build racial pride on one side only. Interracial teenage friends were forbidden to be friends although they had been friends since childhood. These and the other skits were each created by the high school students. The results of this theater class are encouraging: “…they [students] learned to see themselves not a victims or oppressors who can’t speak to each other but as people who can make a difference.”

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

  1. What ideas can you apply from this article to your interactions with youth?
  2. How will the rising numbers of biracial children affect future efforts of integration?
  3. What types of activities offer each child an opportunity to share their feelings?


  • In daily interactions with young people, youth workers must remember that the power of oppression can be extremely traumatizing.
  • Drama is a healthy way for kids to express themselves.
  • Other ways of helping kids slowly release their anger or bitterness can facilitate the racial reconciliation process.

Yvonne Lam
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