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Think. Discuss. Act. Racism

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Lexington Christian Academy

Race, Reconciliation and Social Justice: A Call to Faith and Action

Lexington Christian Academy, 2005


 This was a highly successful one-week workshop or mini-class on the topic of racism, multiculturalism, and reconciliation at the secondary school level.  When you have looked over this Outline of Sessions, you will want to read the Student Journal Responses. Then, you will be prepared to work out your own sessions on this issue, needed the whole world over.

Day 1: Personal Roots/Awareness & Stereotypes

Watch: “A Class Divided” Video

Questions to Discuss:

  • What impacted me most about this video?
  • How does it relate to what is within me?
  • What is the role of authority in discouraging or encouraging prejudice?
  • What is my racial/ cultural heritage?

Watch:  “Ethnic Notions” Video

Questions to Discuss:

  • Why are the physical characteristics, habits, ways of speaking etc., of African Americans exaggerated?  For what purpose?
  • If you were constantly being told you were something that you were not, how would that affect what you do with your life?

Day 2: America’s Roots. What’s the fuss all about?

A journey through time.  Capturing on video the “race problem” of the past.  We will look at videos such as “Glory”, “Eyes on the Prize”, “Black Like Me” and “America Beyond the Color Line”.

Questions to Discuss:

  • Do we see examples of injustice towards African Americans in the United States’ past?
  • Do we understand the depth of pain that past injustice has caused those of African American descent to feel?
  • How is the pain of these past injustices impacting us now?

Day 3: Field Trip

The 54th Regiment in “Glory” was from Boston.  Have you see the statue across from the State House?  We will take a walk through historic Beacon Hill and learn about Boston’s 19th Century black community.  We will also visit TremontTempleBaptistChurch, which played an important role in the abolition of slavery.

Day 4: What is Happening Today?  Reconciliation and Social Action 

Through “Finding Forrester”, the movie, we will explore the everyday experiences, opportunities, challenges and viewpoints of contemporary African Americans and Whites.

Questions to Discuss:

  • Did the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960’s end racism?  Or is it alive and well in the twenty-first century?
  • How is this generation different from past generations?
  • What about the affirmative action and reverse discrimination?

Simulation Game: “Bargaining, United Nations Style – Exploring the Impact of Cultural Values”

Reconciliation and Social Action

“7 Ways to Make a Difference”, from James Waller’s book Face to Face

Learn what some Christians are doing to bring about a more just society.


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