CYS believes that the search for a deeper meaning in life—whether it is for religion, truth, or justice—is worthwhile.  We aim to provide honest and impartial information on the current major world religions and to connect you with credible sites where you Global Religious Landscape_Pew Research Centercan find more information if you’re interested. 

We welcome you to explore the various tabs to the right.  These tabs reflect the top world religions of today in the order of estimated adherents.  If you already know what you believe, wonderful!  Allow this exploration to give you a deeper and more accurate understanding of what others believe.  If you are searching, may it aid you in your journey.

We see the extreme levels of violence and hatred in our world.  We recognize that these conflicts can often be motivated by “religious” causes.  We believe that religions of the world today should be coming together to promote peace and understanding in the face of division and bloodshed.  We hope that this site will encourage people of faith, from every tradition, to work together against the destructive and divisive forces in our world.