Parent Resources

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 Casey Family Programs   concerned with poverty, the welfare and foster care systems. Focuses on “helping low income parents strengthen their skills as financial managers, as consumers of public services, and as leaders and advocates for their families.

Center for Sports Parenting   A web-based program that provides parents with guidance and answers to questions and issues related to youth and sport. CSP seeks to help all those involved with youth sports deal with the growing pressures associated with kids and competition in our culture.

Child & Welfare Family Web Guide   is a huge clearinghouse of news and research relating to child development and wellbeing-along with other parental concerns.  Addresses issues such as bullying, anger management, depression, drinking, drug abuse, and eating disorders.

Council for Christian Colleges and Universities   CCCU serves to advance the cause of Christ-centered higher education and help institutions effectively integrate biblical faith, scholarship and service.  This is a valuable gateway to more information on institutions of Christian higher education.

Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools   Online guide by the Depts. of Education and Justice to help school staff, parents, and community members identify early indicators of troubling and potentially dangerous student behavior.

Focus on the Family   criticized by some for its conservative politics. Select on left of home page “Parents,” “Children,” “Teens,” “Collegians.” Use Search service for articles in ample archives. Check out “Plugged In” under Parent resources to check on movies, television, music, etc.

Griefnet   offers 30 e-mail groups and two Web sites. It includes a moderated chat room for children who are in grief and their parents, lists of books, newsletters, a directory of suicide prevention sites and survivors” information.

Kids Hope USA Ministry   Mission: “to bring about emotional and spiritual healing in the lives of children who live in single-parent families; in cooperation with the local church; through the use of seminars for kids, retreats for families, and workshops for adults.”

National Center for Fathering   A great site for dads! Offers practical fathering tips, research on fathering, information on the fathering movement, humor, and an online version of Today’s Father magazine.

The National Marriage Project   Mission: “to provide research and analysis on the state of marriage in America and to educated the public on the social, economic and cultural conditions affecting marital success and child well-being.

Parenting   Offers a wealth of information for parents of teens on just about any topic that relates to being or parenting a teen.

Parent Soup   Perhaps the most extensive parenting sites on the internet. Updated daily, it offers tips, tools, chats, news, message boards, reviews and more on all things parenting.   Christian parenting advice from Dr. Kevin Leman and Dr. Jay Passavant. Includes parenting tips and information categorized by age of children, along with marriage resources.

Rob Evans   Consultant on families and schools.  Has written Family Matters: How Schools Can Cope with the Crisis in Childrearing and programs on parent education.

Teens in Trouble   Created by a parent as a guide to credible sites offering information and support to parents facing the complex and difficult problems of raising and relating to teens in trouble.

Teen Options for Teen Problems   Deals with all forms of defiance and risky behavior. Keep in mind it is a company and treatment usually involves significant fees.  Teen Options tries to match teens with schools or programs to help them deal with a variety of problems.

Understanding your Teenager   Founded by youth ministry guru Wayne Rice, this organization conducts lively and informative seminars across North America. The site features information on these seminars, a helpful online bookstore, and parenting tips.