Youth Resources

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Christianity works   calls itself “the ultimate interactive quest online” with its goal of bringing young people to knowledge and acceptance of Jesus Christ. Includes sections for young people on “Talking about God” and “Growing with God.”  Website for teens, promoting sexual health through abstinence.

Girl tech   created by a feminist software designer, this site is packed full of information and guidance for girls. Billed as a site that’s “creating a world for the adventurous spirit,” Girl Tech supports a feminist agenda and “girl power.”

Griefnet   offers 30 e-mail groups and two Web sites. It includes a moderated chat room for children who are in grief and their parents, lists of books, newsletters, a directory of suicide prevention sites and survivors’ information.   strives to promote a Biblical sexual ethic to teens and young adults. Advice offered on all things sexual including love, contraception, STDs, abortion and adoption. Can order or view newsletter.  Seeks to help students of all ages find success in their educational experience, whether through online, distance schooling or through supplemental learning opportunities.  Each grade-level portal features in-depth resources, such as an online writing center, and a searchable database of distance learning programs.   One additional highlight is their STEM Support Resources, which helps students with the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.   billing itself as a “magazine written for teens, by teens” this site compliments a monthly print magazine and a book series designed to offer teens advice on various topics.   the “premiere y-gen info site,” this site provides news, interviews, teen forums, entertainment, sound and video clips and other services for youth around the world.