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As youth ministry innovators, Americans sometimes have been very slow to learn from others. The importance of interaction and sharing has been demonstrated in many settings. We have much to learn from one another and need each other’s encouragement.  This interaction applies not only within various regions of the United States but across the globe.

Almost anywhere in the world, a well-promoted gathering of youth workers will draw an amazingly large crowd. When Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants interact, church and parachurch ministries combine, and workers among the poor and the middle or upper classes meet there is excitement, learning, and growth.  Few realize how many dedicated individuals are caring for youth in different ways all over the world.

Youth ministry is sponsored first of all by church denominations. In many ways, the Catholic Church is ahead of others in terms of investment, study, and publishing. Look for a local Catholic bookstore to find analysis of the culture and models of programs.  Mainstream Protestant denominations have youth ministries globally, and Eastern Orthodox churches do solid work in many places that should be noticed. National fellowships among secondary and university students come next and are flourishing in some countries. Thirdly, Evangelical Protestants have spawned paraparochial (or parachurch) ministries.  Scripture UnionCampus Crusade for ChristInterVarsity, NavigatorsYouth for Christ, Son Life, and Young Life are examples of these. And finally of course, each country (and area) also has its own brands of youth ministries.

Within this resource center, we hope to connect the best of what is going on within youth ministry around the world.

 International Ministry Resources

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Hispanic Youth Ministries

International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry (IASYM)   A professional association promoting study of, and training for, youth ministry. See member countries and regional conferences.

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students   Evangelical fellowships of college and university students around the world.

Princeton Project on Youth, Globalization, and the Church   See perspectives and review of literature on effect of Globalization and state of youth ministry in Latin America, Japan, India, South Africa, Ghana, Russia/CIS.

Salesians of Don Bosco International   Catholic ministry to the poor including education and poly-technical schools.

Scripture Union (SU)   A largely volunteer movement working with churches to spread the Gospel to students. See National Movements “Around the World.”

World Student Christian Federation   Formed in 1895, this movement is active around the world.  Regional web pages can be accessed from this site.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM)   See various countries. “… a family of ministries” with a “passion to know God and to make Him known.”

YYAM (El Salvador)