A Word about Social Systems

Embedded within our culture are essential social systems (family, school, church, media, etc).  These social systems create overlapping circles of influence over us and our youth.  The greatest flaw in the way we deal with young people—and especially with their problems—is acting as if each social system is its own world and that issues can be resolved alone within any one of them.  In actuality, school problems are related to home and community situations.  Media and friends are taking over much of the traditional function of family and schools.  All of these are affected by economics and governments.

We must commit ourselves to “systems thinking,” a strong recognition that all social systems are interacting with and influencing the others.  We must recognize that singular causes and solutions may not only fail but be counterproductive.

This is why CYS commits itself to portraying a dynamic interaction of social systems and seeks to explain behavior by taking into account what is happening at home, on the streets or in the mall of a community, in schools and activities, among friends, and in the media.  This dynamic relationship between social systems cannot be escaped.