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  • 73.3% of teens went outside more as an Elementary student than now, as a High School student
  • 58.6% of teens have grown up with a parent who had/has an outdoor hobby or took the family outside on regular basis
  • 69.4% of teens would rather listen to their favorite songs on an iPod (or other music device) than the sounds of nature
  • 88.8% of teens feel that teens today are disconnected with nature
  • 68.5% of teens are either indifferent, don’t care, or care but “don’t take an active role” in being concerned about the effects of man on nature
  • 30.1% of teens spend less than three (3) hours per week outdoors during the school year (whether that’s for work, sports, or a hobby

Source: http://www.stageoflife.com/StageHighSchool/OtherResources/Statistics_on_High_School_Students_and_Teenagers.aspx