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  • 55% of students will (or would) vote for President Obama (vs. 23.6% for Gov. Romney).
  • 33% of students didn’t realize there were other candidates running for President,
  • 70% of teens indicated their parents talk freely about politics at home
  • 64% of those students discuss politics with their parents.
  • 40% of teens e “completely agree” or “agree on major political issues” with their parents.
  • 7% of teens who say they do not agree with their parents politically “on major issues”
  • 14% of students have no idea of their parents’ political viewpoints.
  • 32% of teens have had an argument about politics or a political issue with their parents
  • the top three topics were gay marriage, abortion, and health care.
  • 8% of the students said that their parents do not vote.
  • 53% feel they have a political voice in this country
  • When asked which forms of media the family uses to get its political news, the top five responses (out of 13 choices) were…
    1. Network TV (NBC, ABC, CBS) = 79% of families
    2. Internet News Sites (Huffington Post, DrudgeReport.com, etc.) = 46%
    3. Local Newspaper = 43%
    4. National Newspaper (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.) = 38%
    5. Conservative Cable TV (Fox News, etc.) = 37%

Source: http://www.stageoflife.com/StageHighSchool/OtherResources/Statistics_on_High_School_Students_and_Teenagers.aspx (Sept 2012)