Social Manners

Teens have quite a few things to say about appropriate social behavior.

  • 91% of teens say that civility, manners and etiquette are “important” in their lives.
  • Most Frequent uncivil behavior (rudeness, bad manners, etc.),
      • Classmates at School. (47%)
      • Family at Home” (6%)
      • Strangers in Public Places” (27%)
      • Friends and Followers on Social Media” (20%)
  • 70% of teens feel society, as a whole, displays more bad manners than good manners.
  • 62% of teens do not feel that chivalry is dead
  • 87% of teens claim they personally practice civility, good manners and polished etiquette
  • 92% of teens say they feel social media, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, is making us a less civil society
  • 97% of students learn their manners from home
  • 57% also said they learn manners and civility from their place of worship
  • 43% named school as a positive influence on their manners,
  • Teens ranked “Family Upbringing” as the #1 factor for its impact on civility- Education Level coming in second ¬†followed by Socioeconomic Status
  • “Bad Manners”, learned from
      • Media, books, and movies: 69.3%
      • School – classes: 65%
      • Friends: 61.5%
  • Being rude to service people: 38.9% of teens rank being rude to cashiers, waiters, or other service people as their biggest pet peeve
  • Other pet peeves:
      • Loud cell phone conversations: 3.3%
      • Being rude to cashiers, waiters, or other service people:
      • Displaying bad table manners: 1.9%
      • Using foul language: 18.9%
      • Talking during a movie: 8.5%
      • Not using common courtesies like saying please, thank-you or excuse me: 25.6%
      • Loud gum chewing: 3%

Source: (Dec 2013)