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  • 61% of students say their parents are more into sports than they are
  • 34% of students do not watch professional sports on TV
  • 57% of students play sports outdoors with their family
  • 54% of students describe their grandparents as big sports fans
  • 66.7% of students cheer for the same sports teams as their parents; 21.2% cheer for completely different teams; and 12.1% of teens nor their parents do not cheer for sports teams
  • Teens feel that “doping and drugs” is the biggest problem in sports today (compared to player salaries, behavior/antics, and rules/referees)
  • 27% of teens play in a sports fantasy league
  • 36.4% of teens only watch the game for their one favorite team while 30.3% of teens watch as many sports as they can (12.1% of teens say they don’t watch sports at all).
  • 21% of teens spend $50 – $100 on sports-related items per month
  • 54.5% of teens first became interested in sports during Elementary School
  • 18.2% identified Toddler-Pre K as the life stage in which they first started to love sports.
  • 63.6% of teens were introduced to sports by their Dads.
  • Teens have made the following sports-related purchases in the last 12 months…
    • Tickets to a game – 36.4%
    • Clothing (hats, jerseys, etc.) – 63.6%
    • Memorabilia (mugs, bobble heads, posters, pillows, etc.) – 27.3
    • Equipment (gloves, pads, balls, etc.) – 42.4%
    • Sports-themed video game – 33.3%
    • Sports mobile app(s) – 18.2%

Source: (Oct 2012)