Cell Phones and Texting

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Teen Cellphone Ownership and Use – Look at this helpful Infographic


Number of Youth with Cell Phones

  • 20% of third grade students (8 yrs) have cell phones and 90 % are online Source
  • 83% of children in middle school have one
  • 77% ages 12-17 have a cell phone
  • 57% ages 12-13 owned cell phones in 2011 down from 66% in 2009.
  • 82% of teens ages 16-17 have a cell phone

Teen Driving and Cell Phones

  • 52% of cell-owning teens ages 16-17 say they have talked on a cell phone while driving. That translates into 43% of all American teens ages 16-17.
  • 40% say they have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that put themselves or others in danger.


  • 75% of all teens text
  • Older teens, boys, and blacks are leading the increase.
  • Texting is the dominant daily mode of communication between teens and all those with whom they communicate
  • 48% of all teens ages 12-17 say they have been in a car when the driver was texting
  • Average teen girls sends/receives nearly 4k texts a month
  • Monthly usage up 256% from 2010-2011

A 2011 study revealed:

  • The average teenager (12-17 years-old) sends 60 texts on a typical day. Girls send twice as many texts boys.
  • “63% of all teens say they exchange text messages every day with people in their lives. This far surpasses the frequency with which they pick other forms of daily communication, including
    • calling by cell phone (39% do that with others every day),
    • face-to-face socializing outside of school (35%),
    • social network site messaging (29%),
    • instant messaging (22%),
    • talking on landlines (19%) and
    • emailing (6%).”
  • Almost one in four teenagers (23%) report owning a Smartphone.
  • 6% of all American teens use cell-phone-based location services.

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