Guns and Gun Control

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  • Students are split right down the middle (50/50) regarding their opinion on if people have a 2nd Amendment right to own whatever type of firearm they please
  • 56% of students feel 1st-shooter video games cause young people to become desensitized to violence
  • Conversely, 58% of teens do NOT feel violent music lyrics are a problem in our society
  • 70.6% of teens and students do NOT think teachers should be allowed to carry concealed weapons in school
  • Nearly 40% of students feel that mental health ranks as the “priority issue” in the wake of the Newtown tragedy when given the choices between mental health, gun control, school security, family issues, or addressing violence in games/music/media
  • 71.3% of students saw their school take a moment of silence after the Newtown tragedy (but nearly 30% of students reported their schools did not).
  • 50% of students, in the wake of Newtown, still feel “completely safe” at school
  • 46% report “usually feeling safe, but sometimes I don’t.”
  • 4% of students report feeling safe “rarely” or “never” at school
  • 10.1% of teens feel gun laws should be eased so that it’s easier for law abiding citizens to own and carry guns both at home and in public
  • 13.4% of teens feel we should keep current gun laws “as is”
  • 56.4% of teens feel we should keep the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution in tact, but add new federal gun control laws to restrict the access to high-capacity ammunition clips or certain semi/automatic assault weapons, closing gun show loopholes, etc.
  • 18% of teens feel guns should be allowed only by the military and police – regular citizens should not have access to them
  • 2.1% of teens feel guns in all forms should be completely banned in our society