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New Generation Peer Leadership Progam

A church ministry designed to empower youth to lead their peers.


Youth often find it difficult to lead their peers in a godly manner. This program provides youth with the tools and guidance to lead effectively.

Program Goals

To train youth how to lead with biblical principles in various settings by:

  1. Developing and providing middle and high school youth with biblical leadership skills
  2. Providing opportunities for youth to exercise their leadership skills, gifts and talents under the guidance and direction of caring adults

Youth will develop a confidence and learn basic leadership skills for a job, school or other leadership position.

The program requires a two-year commitment.

Program Methods

Application process that includes recommendations from peers at church, their parent and church leadership. Ongoing eligibility process that includes regular bible study attendance, and participation in church and youth meetings.

Service opportunities in the leadership of the youth ministry such as teacher assistants

  1. Attendance and input at youth staff meetings
  2. Outreach opportunities consisting of missions (local and abroad)
  3. Ongoing training sessions on biblical character development, how to lead, and personal assessments for youth
  4. Individual mentoring sessions with youth pastor and youth staff
  5. Weekly monitoring of peer leaders by youth pastor and youth staff

Program Operations

Resources include:

  1. Peer leaders report directly to the youth pastor. Additional youth workers also provide support staff to the peer leaders.
  2. Administrative support
  3. Funding for annual retreats
  4. Funding for training materials
  5. Building space for meetings
  6. Ministry opportunities for youth to serve in and exercise their leadership skills
  7. Funding for awards for completion of the ministry

Program Testimonies

Youth participating in this program have gained:

  • A greater awareness of their strengths and weaknesses through personal evaluations
  • Opportunities to exercise their natural gifts and talents
  • Leadership skills
  • Character development
  • Increased confidence in public speaking
  • Freedom to explore various leadership positions in the church
  • Disciplines that can be applied in school or at work
  • Knowledge of how to make an impact at home, school or on a sports team
  • Visibility in the local church
  • Access to ministries beyond their local church
  • Awareness of other cultures and people groups
  • Self confidence in their “divine design”

Some youth have found this program to be too demanding, spiritually, socially and academically. We have discovered that agreement is necessary from the youth and parent/guardian in order for total participation. Also, some youth may feel they are ready to lead but are not emotionally stable. These youth are encouraged to buddy up with someone participating in the program until they are ready to be a leader.

Parents have found this program to be a great support for youth, especially for mothers raising sons without fathers. This program provides a myriad of responsible, caring adults to be the village for youth. Moms often use the male leaders to reinforce the principles established in the program and at home. Female youth leaders become extended aunts and big sisters to the youth.

Youth have been placed on probation for improper behavior such as:

  • Continuous conflict with a parent or guardian
  • Failing grades in school
  • Poor attendance at youth group, bible study or meetings
  • Poor attitude
  • Unprepared for their assigned ministry position
  • Ongoing, unaddressed character issues (lying, stealing, cheating…)


A parent of a 14 year-old male always knew that her oldest son was destined for leadership. As a single mother of three sons, she is very supportive of his growth and development on all levels. His involvement in the peer leadership program has made him a more mature “old man”. That is the nickname given to him due to his mature ways. He was recently acknowledged by his school as a model citizen and is know for standing up for his Christian beliefs, even when being ridiculed. At his eighth grade graduation, he was selected to give the opening prayer because his teachers recognized his commitment to Christ on a daily basis. He and his mother attribute his rapid spiritual growth and development to the peer leadership program and the opportunities to serve. He is currently considering a career in ministry.

“New Generation Peer Leaders has given me the confidence in myself. I now know that others can and want to listen to me”.

Virginia Ward
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